Marble Theory

Screenshot von MarbleTheory Level 5 Screenshot von MarbleTheory Level 6 Screenshot von MarbleTheory Level 30 Screenshot von MarbleTheory Level 39

Marble Theory is a remake of an old DOS logic and puzzle games, back in the days released under the name "Logical".

It is a realtime-game where from the right upper corner balls come rolled into some kind of labyrinth. Goal of the game is to mark all existing wheels. This is done by placing four balls of the same colour within a wheel to "burn" it. The wheels can be turned and balls can be kicked out of the wheels to progress deeper into the level. All wheels have to be done within a specific time-limit and there is also a time-limit for having a ball pending in the top tube.
Special addons are placed within various tubes to affect the gameplay and control or behaviour of balls. There are reflectors, teleporters, trashcans, colour-changers, color-filters, slots which delay balls and other similar elements.

Features of the game:
- Challenging gameplay for mind and hand
- OpenAL-support for sound and music
- Selection of the best music-tracks from Zeropage
- Fitting mixed Sounds
- Multiple level-designs
- Offline- and online-highscore
- Selection to replay completed levels
- A few different achievements
- 40 levels in total
- German und Englisch version
- OpenGL based engine
- Graphics, how only a programmer can make them :)
- Support for 32 and 64 bit systems